The best places to ski in Innsbruck | Igls

Igls is a sporty village offering perfect starting conditions for every winter sports enthusiast:
Skiing with city stroll, sunbathing, and cultural experience:

These are not opposites - this is only possible in Igls with a combination of Innsbruck.
More than 13 ski resorts are located near the Hotel Bon Alpina
and Innsbruck's local mountain are only a few minutes away by ski bus.

Our ski package not only offers you pure variety 
but also includes all sights of the city of Innsbruck. 



3-Day Skipackage Classic

from 278

4-day Skipackage Classic

from 371

5-day Skipackage Classic

from 460

6-day Skipackage Classic

from 533

7-day Skipackage Classic

from 596